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„Ausg‘steckt is‘!“

Ausg’steckt is the slogan most Viennese Heurigen will welcome you – so as we do! Next to our classic wine portfolio we eager to spoil our guests with selected local delicatesses. 

As the first Viennese Heuriger across the Danube, we have been rewarded with a local award called “AMA-Gastrosiegel” which obliges us, and guarantees towards our customers the use of local and seasonal products only.

Also, outside our regular opening hours we offer the opportunity to organize celebrations and events. We are happy to tell you more about it by phone or e-mail. We, the Klager’s look forward to your visit!

Visit us!

You can find us here:

Stammersdorfer Straße 14,
1210 Wien, Österreich

T: +43 (1) 292 41 07
M: info@weingutklager.at

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